February 18

“Codigo:” George Strait’s Single Inspired from His Favorite Drink

We can’t get enough of George Strait, and just like you, folks, we are excited of his new upcoming album Honky Tonk Time Machine Album. Strait will be dropping his new album on March 29, which means it’s time to start marking your calendars.

honky tonk time machine album codigo george strait
Photo Credit: Honky Tonk Time Machine Album Cover/ amazon.com

“Codigo” Songwriting Process

Before the release of his album, Strait has been teasing us with a few of his songs. Last December, Strait presented us with his intoxicating song “Codigo.” It was written by him, his son, Bubba, and longtime collaborator Dean Dillon.

Let check out what Strait’s song is all about.

George Strait’s Favorite Drink

“Codigo” is actually based on George Strait’s favorite brand of Tequila. It’s not only his favorite brand, but he also co-owned the brand. How did Strait get into this kind of business? It happened that he was playing gold with a friend and they decided to invest in the whole operation of a small family business. They turned this small distillery into a commercially successful business.

The Brand that Inspired the Song

Codigo 1530 is the name of the brand of tequila that inspired Strait’s song. It is produced in a little distillery in Amtitan. Before that, the production of this tequila was only known by few, as it was not the goal of the owner to make it known worldwide. The pressure of not making it commercially successful made this brand more enticing and tempting to give it a try.

What do we have to know about the tequila?

Well, Codigo is known to produce five different tequilas (Blanco, Rosa, Reposado, Anejo, and Origen). All of this world-class tequila’s are made from a fully matured (7-years old) agave. Because of a long time it takes to make the plant mature, this gives an exceptional taste of the tequila. No wonder Strait fell in love with it and was inspired to write a song about it.

codigo 1530 variant george strait
Photo Credit: Codigo 1530 Variants/ codigo1530.com

You can check out their website to know more about the brand. For now, let’s take a sip of George Strait’s single “Codigo.”


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