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Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter Collaboration, “You and Tequila”

Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter Collaboration, “You and Tequila” 1Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter / Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

“You and Tequila” is a song that can be considered as a product of talents’ fusion. First, the lyrics to it were composed by Nashville songwriter Matraca Berg and country singer-songwriter Deana Carter. Then, two great singers from totally different worlds collaborated to produce an exceptional record of the song. In separate interviews, Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals shared their individual views about the song and how they wanted to be part of it.

“This song makes me believe in music even more,” Chesney recalled.

The You Had Me From Hellosinger further narrated how the collaboration came about. He started by talking about the different worlds and backgrounds that he and Potter came from. Chesney added how much he admires Potter’s singing talent and would want to be singing with her in the future.

“I’d never met Grace Potter until she came into the studio. We come from completely [different] worlds, different backgrounds, probably religious beliefs, we haven’t talked about it. I know she’s a great person and I know that she is a hell of a singer. I heard her voice and I knew I would love to sing with her one day. I didn’t know it would be on this, or this soon.”

For her part, Potter briefly noted that she instantly liked the song after hearing it the first time. Hence, when Chesney reached out to her for a collaborative project, she wasted no time and called him the following day.

“I love singing beautiful songs, that’s all I care about. This is the first time that on the very first listen I immediately picked up the phone and said ‘Make this happen.’”

The Struggle and Therapeutic Song

In a different interview, Chesney described “You and Tequila” as a “struggle song.” He further stated,

“There are some commonalities about getting someone out of your mind and drinking and trying to quit.

Toward the end of 2007, Chesney experienced a tough time in his life. Feeling exhausted and wanting to be alone, he rented a house North of Malibu, California for about two months. During that time, all he did was driving, go to friends in Santa Monica, eat dinner and drive back to PCH with his car windows down. Every now and then, he’d listen to songs of Eagles, some Tom Petty, and all the songs that would fit that moment. Somehow, the singer has found relaxation and tranquility.

Then, he came across “You and Tequila” and it put him in that spot. That’s the time he thought of Potter. When the two finally met and put out their voices together, their concerted efforts resulted in a noteworthy performance.

Let’s listen to their recording below.

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