January 5

The Amazing Grace Of Willie Nelson’s Colorful Life and Style

“…how sweet the sound that saved a wretched like me…”

MANY WHO ARE NOT too familiar with the REAL WILLIE would know him just for his notoriety. Being the Country Outlaw that he is, a majority of people simply know him just as that for starters. Some—maybe—just know him just as an advocate for marijuana’s legalization. The regulated substance which caused his putting in some jail time a few times for possession thereof. Or, again maybe, a few have knowledge of them IRS issues he had because one of his managers neglected to pay his taxes. Quite a few notches on the belt of a true Country Outlaw huh.


PRIOR TO SHIFTING and focusing on the Outlaw genre of Country music, Nelson started out as a Traditional Country Musician. Clean-cut, suit, shaven—the whole nine yards! He also started out as a lyricist, writing for other Country Greats rather than singing them songs he wrote. He had been a parts man in an auto shop. Joined the Air Force but got himself discharged due to back problems. Disc jockey. Actor. Halfback of his high school football team. Head of his college basketball team. Activist. And the list goes on and on and on…


WILLY—NOT MANY HAVE AN INKLING OF—was a gospel singer at their church during his younger years. He had been raised in a family that believes the value of family, good values and steadfast faith in The Man Upstairs. Heck, I figure that that is one of the main reasons why he is the way he is. He was built like that. His principles and beliefs. His advocacies. His manner. What he is.


YEP, WE SHORELY LOVE his own and his covers of them Gospel Hymns. Which brings us to his own recording of one of the greatest Praise and Worship Songs ever—AMAZING GRACE.

AMAZING GRACE SHOWS US THAT SIDE OF NELSON. The sensitive. The gentle. The ever faithful Christian. The Man that Willie is. Willie (if I may) in his purest and unadulterated side.

WITH THIS I would want to let you have a listen to one of his versions—a studio version—of his Amazing Grace…


“May The Lord Almighty Bless Us All And Set Us FREE!


amazing grace, Willie Nelson

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