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Johnny Horton

Latest Stories

Johnny Horton + Johnny Reb

Johnny Horton Tells You About The Soldier “Johnny Reb”  

Johnny Horton's "Johnny Reb" is known to be one of the most iconic American songs and here is why we think that’s so.

Johnny Horton North To Alaska

Another Musical Success in “North to Alaska” by Johnny Horton

What better way to get hooked on a movie than having an opening song that hints at the plot, like what Johnny Horton's "North to Alaska" offers?

The Spine-Chilling Backstory of Johnny Horton’s Death 

Johnny Horton had premonitions about his death at the time his career in country music was at its peak. On Nov. 5, 1960, his prediction came true.

Johnny Horton’s “Sink the Bismarck” Is The Battle Outcry That Will Keep You Hooked

Johnny Horton co-wrote and recorded the marching song “Sink the Bismarck.” Songwriter Tillman Franks shared the credit on the song’s writing.

Johnny Horton Songs

Here Are The Best Johnny Horton Songs That Are Still Celebrated To This Day

From the late 50s and early 60s, a series of Johnny Horton songs actually topped the country charts and even crossed the pop charts. Here are the best ones.

Johnny Horton Facts

Here Are 10 Facts About Johnny Horton That You Probably Didn’t Know

Get to know American honky tonk and rockabilly singer Johnny Horton with these ten interesting facts about his life and career.

Johnny Horton’s “Battle of New Orleans,” A Song Written by a History Teacher

If listening to your history teacher bores you, then this song by Johnny Horton might help you. The track was written by Jimmy Driftwood, an Arkansas High School principal and history teacher.

Johnny Horton’s Road to Fame and His Song “The Battle of New Orleans”

Today, we celebrate what would have been Johnny Horton's 94th birthday by taking a brief look on his road to fame.