January 15

Emmylou Harris: The Most Successful Version of “Sweet Dreams”

When we lose the person we love, we don’t immediately forget about them. There are days and nights that you remember them. They make you toss and turn in bed, even if you try to keep them away from your mind. You’re definitely not going to have a good night sleep like the character in the song “Sweet Dreams.”

“Sweet Dreams” By Faron Young

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This country song, “Sweet Dreams,” has been a popular song covered by big names in country music. It was written by Don Gibson in 1955. On the same year, he recorded the song and earned his first single on the Billboard chart. Despite him recording the song first and making it reach number nine on the country chart, it was Faron Young’s version that became popular. It placed at number two on the country chart in 1956.

Patsy Cline’s Version

There were other country artists who covered Gibson’s song. Patsy Cline recorded the song for her album Faded Love before the devastating plane crash. The song was released on the same year Cline died. Her version reached number five on the country chart. Furthermore, it crossed over to the pop chart at number forty-four and number fifteen on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Reba McEntire’s Cover

Reba McEntire also recorded a version of “Sweet Dreams.” She released this as a single from her album Out of a Dream in 1979. She made the song reach number nineteen on the country chart.

Other Covers

Other artists who covered the song were Tammy Wynette, Tommy McLain, and Brenda Lee.

The Most Successful Version

The most successful version on the country chart was that of Emmylou Harris’. In 1975, Harris recorded the song as part of her album Elite Hotel. The following year, she released “Sweet Dreams” as a single, and it went straight up to number one on the country chart. This is the only version of “Sweet Dreams” that has reached number one, surpassing Young’s version in 1956.

Emmylou Harris’ Album

Like her version of “Sweet Dreams,” Elite Hotel, the album, has reached number one on the Billboard country album chart. Therefore, this marked as her first album to enter the country charts of Billboard. She earned a Grammy Award for this.

Let’s take a look at the most successful version of “Sweet Dreams.”


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