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“Diane” is a Response to “Jolene,” Did Dolly Parton Like It?

"Diane" is a Response to "Jolene," Did Dolly Parton Like It? 1
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Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” has become one of the theme songs of country fanatics whether they relate to the song’s story or just fell in love with its hymn. This 1973 song has since become one of the songs mostly covered by various artists from different genres. The song talks about a wife’s message to a woman trying to flirt with his husband.

Now, 44 years after Parton first released her iconic “Jolene,” breakout country star Cam unveiled a response song titled, “Diane.” It encloses a guilty message from a mistress to the man’s wife. The “other woman” bravely confesses to the unsuspecting wife about her affair with the husband. He defends herself saying she didn’t know the man was married, and if she did, she wouldn’t have fallen for him. Sure thing, there are people who can relate to the plotline within this song.

Infidelity is the new trend for song stories today. It’s not about promoting the deed, but the stories and emotions rolling around just create a dramatic scene and sometimes heartbreaking lines.  Themes center on the pain and pleasures caused by such situations.

"Diane" is a Response to "Jolene," Did Dolly Parton Like It? 2
Diane by Cam (image from Youtube)

The Music Video

The music video of the song is a combination of excellent artistic cinematography and a gut-wrenching storyline. Cam plays the “other woman” coming forward to the wife of the man whom she cheated with. In between scenes, Cam is shown performing on stage in a nightclub. The music video, directed by Daniel Carberry, was shot in Los Angeles, California. Motivated and inspired by the new single, Cam herself wrote and created the concept video.

Dolly’s response to “Jolene” response

Cam co-wrote “Diane” with Jeff Bhasker and Tyler Johnson. The rising star admitted that she felt nervous about the idea of Dolly hearing the song. She then sent a letter to Dolly together with a copy of the song.

And what did Dolly say?

A humble country legend she is, Dolly praised Cam and even claim to be a fan of the rising star.

So once again, let’s take a look at the wife’s plea to a woman not to take his man, narrated in a song.

And here’s a response coming from “the other woman’s” point of view.

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