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When T. Graham Brown Asked God For Help In “Wine Into Water”

Forever Changed is country music legend’s T. Graham Brown first gospel album. The album features thirteen songs, including Brown’s re-recording of his ever popular hit “Wine Into Water”. We will have a listen to this song, learn how it affected T. Graham Brown’s life and how it will help us in our everyday struggles.

“Wine Into Water”, To Brown

Brown battled alcoholism. This marked the beginning of problems in his career. Fortunately, after years of coping, he was sober and maintained a low-key career. He continued playing in live shows and recording albums for small labels. And, after a nine-year layoff, he released Forever Changed, a spiritually themed album that helped him feel he is back to life in connection with God. Notice how the song is made with submissive theme. A gospel song so wonderfully written harking back to the first miracle Jesus did, and probably the first miracle Jesus did to Brown’s life. Wine Into Water” finds T. Graham Brown asking God to help him beat his addiction. The lyrics resound to alcoholics because they tell a true story about hitting rock bottom. When you think about the people you have hurt, you know you need help. Since there is no way you can beat it on your own, you cry out to God for help, too. This was what led Brown to write the song.

When T. Graham Brown Asked God For Help In “Wine Into Water” 1

The Bible Counterpart

Although “Wine Into Water” is in reference to the Bible passage, John 2:1-11, where Jesus turns water into wine. In the song, Brown needs the contrary to happen so he can cope with his addiction. The Miracle at a wedding at Cana was where Jesus turned water into wine. This was the first miracle He ever did.

You’ve heard a multitude of prayers on my behalf,
I pray one more is not too much to ask.
I’ve tried to fight this battle by myself,

But it’s a war that I can’t win without Your help.

The lesson from this miracle then is that God is concerned with our non-critical problems. Prayer is not like calling 911. Some may have the idea that God is like a superhero, a person with many demands on His time, not being able to respond to them all. If this is our idea of God, we are wrong. God knows everything. The fact that Brown is calling to Him in this song proves that. God is never overtaxed by our calling upon Him for help.

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T. Graham Brown, wine into water

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