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Twitty’s “Goodbye Time” was a Divorce-Inspired Country Hit

Twitty's "Goodbye Time" was a Divorce-Inspired Country Hit 1
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Many are the songs created that serve as lamentations over a lost lover. Country music has a variety of songs recorded on this theme. Here on Country Thang Daily, you can find some of these emotive tunes in this article. Country music legend Conway Twitty, who scored 55 No. 1 songs, recorded numerous breakup songs throughout his career. One of them was the divorce-inspired ballads “Goodbye Time.” The song was a Top 10 hit for Twitty in 1988 peaking at No. 7 on the country music chart.

Penned by James Dean Hicks and Roger Murrah, “Goodbye Time” was the resulting song from Hicks’ brother’s divorce experience. Reba McEntire was originally chosen to record the song. However, as the “Queen of Country” was going through a divorce herself at that time so she turned down the song. That paved the way for it to be in Twitty’s hand. The singer of The Rose then recorded the song on his album Still in Your Dreams.

After almost two decades, then-country music rising star Blake Shelton who considered Twitty his idol covered the song. He included it on his album Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill that came out in 2005. Shelton’s rendition was as marvelous as Twitty’s. He was able to keep the classic element of the song while making the tune his very own. Accordingly, the song became a Top 10 country hit duplicating the original version’s fate on the music chart.

Twitty and Shelton’s Electronic Duet

Conway Twitty passed away 25 years ago, hence, Shelton never had the chance to perform with his idol. Nevertheless, the Austinsinger from Oklahoma has covered many of Twitty’s songs during concerts. In his song, “Honey Bee,” Shelton even made reference to the country music icon.

With the immense power of technology nowadays, the highly sought duet performance of Twitty and Shelton has come true. All credits go to YouTube user Vrnster1971 who made such team-up possible and for generously sharing to everyone the electronically-made duet he came up with. Don’t miss the one in a million duet performance of Twitty and Shelton for “Goodbye Time.” Listen to the emotional recording below and you’ll certainly love it.

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