December 3, 2018

Townes Van Zandt Wants Us to Know a Sad Story About Life

Happiness and success, defeat and problems are the two sides of the coin. Truth be told, we encounter these in our life journey. Also, no human has not experienced these events in life. However, we need to understand that despite these, life is still beautiful. The challenges will just mold us to be a better person, and all we need to do is positively accept everything. Difficulties test our patience, bravery, and human character, and so as Townes Van Zandt in his life journey.

Live at an Old Quarter

He was well-known for his superb guitar playing and fingerpicking ability. Even more, his genre was diverse from other artists because he uses poetic lines and melancholic sound in portraying the emotion of his masterpiece. Any guess? Well, I’m talkin’ about the respected Townes Van Zandt, who is an icon in American Folk Music. Anyhow, Zandt’s influence was rampant across genres, and he is considered as a role model of numerous artists.

Townes Van Zandt was really meant to perform. He was a songwriter at an early age, and he performed in various clubs. In addition, his career started to turn when his father asked him to write his songs until he got discovered in the ’70s.  Further, this was the golden age for Zandt, wherein he was able to release six albums.

For the Sake of the Song

Life is not a bed roses. Sometimes, we need to feel the thorns.  So as the hit “Waiting Around to Die” by Townes Van Zandt that was released in 1968. Moreover, the masterpiece talks about a fictional character who experienced the bitterness of life.

The hit “Waiting Around to Die” also appeared in various documentaries. I guess the theme of the song really captivates its listeners. Townes Van Zandt was a genius in creating such a piece because he was able to dig out the other mask of life that is rampant in our society.


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