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Tom T Hall Ballad of Forty Dollars

Tom T. Hall’s “Ballad of Forty Dollars” is Life’s Sad Reality 

Tom T. Hall tells an interesting story in his song “Ballad of Forty Dollars.” He earned his first song on the top ten of the country chart with this single.

Tom T. Hall's wife, children & family

Tom T. Hall’s Family: The People Behind The Success and the Glamour

Meet the supportive family behind and alongside the successful career of Tom T. Hall, who’s known to be one of the leading figures of country music.

Tom T. Hall: The Legacy of a Storyteller

Tom T. Hall: The Legacy of a Storyteller

Tom T. Hall has turned his talent into award-winning songs, which made him legendary above the rest. Here’s what you probably not know about him.

Tom T. Hall Songs

15 Tom T. Hall Songs That Brought A Class Of Storytelling To Country Music

It’s amazing how listening to Tom T. Hall songs gives you the same experience as listening to a story told by a friend you bumped into on the corner.

The Song That Launched Tom T. Hall as The Storyteller That He Is: “A Week In A Country Jail” 

The inspiration for the song came from a neighbor of Tom T. Hall in Brentwood, Tennessee named Stonewall Jackson. Jackson requested Hall to write a prison song for a concept album he was planning.

The True-To-Life Story of Tom T. Hall’s “Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine”

"Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine" was penned and first recorded by American singer-songwriter and novelist Tom T. Hall. It was released in 1972.

Tom T. Hall Reminds Us of the Important Things in Life

Tom T. Hall's song "Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine" remind us of the more important things in life.