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Hank Thompson

Latest Stories

Hank Thompson Death

Remembering Hank Thompson’s Death: Honoring the King of Western Swing

Hank Thompson was a trailblazer in the honky-tonk Western swing scene. And is considered as a big part of country music history.

Hank Thompson Songs

Here Are The Best Hank Thompson Songs That Forged A Strong Fuse Of Honky-Tonk And Western Swing

Between the 1940s and 1870s, Hank Thompson songs dominated the country chart – scoring no less than thirty Top Ten hits. Check out some of his great hits throughout the years.

Hank Thompson Facts

Here Are Some Facts About Hank Thompson, The King Of Honky-Tonk Western Swing

From the 1950s to the 1970s, Hank Thompson forged a powerful combination of western swing and honky-tonk sounds. Let's get to know more about him through these fun facts.

How Hank Thompson Helped Kitty Wells on Her Career

Hank Thompson released a song that helped Kitty Wells' career.