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10 Country Songs About Being Single

10 Country Songs About Being Single Many Would Surely Resonate To 

Throughout the years, we have seen an abundance of country songs about being single that perfectly capture the ups and downs of singlehood. Here are some of them.

Gay Country Singers

Here Are Gay Country Singers Who Stood Out Loud and Proud 

Country music has a lengthy reputation for being intensely homophobic. Gay country singers were, sadly, not warmly welcomed. Still, some stood out loud and proud.

Chely Wright Admits She Suffered from a Stroke

On her official Facebook account, Chely Wright shared details of her stroke in hopes that those reading will pay attention to their bodies.

Check Out the Biggest Controversies in Country Music

Some of this biggest controversies made the society go gaga over them. And, I guess these issues still tickle the minds of their supporters.