December 7

Ray Charles and his Emotional Version of “Amazing Grace”

We could say that a person is gracious if they gave us expensive and lavish gifts.  Thus, we need to keep in mind that no one is more indulgent than God and that His grace is eternal. Humans are born spotless, but we became sinful as we grow depending on what path we will take. I’m not saying that we need to live a holy life. We are humans, and sometimes we make mistakes. God’s mercy is bountiful, and all we need to do is to ask for forgiveness. Now, let us listen to the masterpiece of Ray Charles and be blessed.

The Blind Superstar

He pioneered the soul music genre during his time and was also regarded by many artists as “the only true genius in show business.” Also, this man lost his eyesight when he was seven years old, but his condition did not stop him from pursuing his passion. Let’s meet Ray Charles Robinson or popularly known as Ray Charles and sometimes he is often called by the nickname “Brother Ray.”

“The Genius” was one of the brandings of the music icon Ray Charles due to his huge contribution to the country music industry. Regardless of his race and color, he worked hard to be respected and to earn a spot in the music industry. In addition, Charles landed at no. 10 on Rolling Stones “100 Greatest Artists of all Time” and no. 2 at “100 Greatest Singers of all Time.”

The Greatest hit of All Time

This masterpiece was regarded as the most requested and frequently performed hit. Anyhow, due to the hit’s popularity, it is sung with an estimation of 10 million times annually. Well, I’m referring to the all-time favorite gospel song “Amazing Grace.” Moreover, this song is undeniably catchy due to its message. Also, it has been revived by various artists, and Ray Charles is one of them.

“Amazing Grace” talks about forgiveness, redemption, and self-realization on the things that we’ve done. More importantly, the hit helps us realize how deep the love of God is. How bountiful He can shower us with His grace. In my opinion, the song’s real message was emphasized when Ray Charles interpreted the song. God is gracious. He can forgive us anytime, but let’s not abuse him.


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