December 27

Never Frozen in Time is Kenny and Dolly’s “Once Upon a Christmas”

Relive Jesus’ nativity as performed by two of our favorite duos of the century.

Today’s feature was from a Holiday Special titled, “Kenny & Dolly: A Christmas to Remember” aired by CBS on December 2, 1984.  Our two legends sang “Once Upon a Christmas” narrating that historic time when the prophesied “King of all kings” and “Lord of all lords” came into flesh as a babe.

The beauty of songs comes from the truth they speak.

God bless the hearts of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers for this beautiful collaboration. “Once Upon a Christmas” boldly portrays that beautiful truth that our God was no distant miser who gets angry everyday over the sinfulness of mankind. He made a way to redeem mankind to himself. He became man in the person of Jesus to with the intent of dwelling with us for all eternity. How? First,he purchased our freedom through his sacrifice and love. Soon, he’s coming back again, not as a helpless baby, but a King who’ll take what’s rightfully his.

Hence, with all the hurrahs we hear on the news about people suing, banning,passing laws to remove the Christianization yuletide season, in the name of equity, we won’t take “Jesus” out of Christmas.

Background, Reception, & Chart Performance

Never Frozen in Time is Kenny and Dolly’s “Once Upon a Christmas” 1

“Once Upon a Christmas” was one of the many tunes conceived in love by our quintessential, Dolly Parton. Prior to the filming of the above music video, Kenny Rogers expressed his thoughts about the song. He said that it’s “one of the most stirring” among the many tribute songs written for the “Prince of Peace.”As an album, “Once Upon a Christmas” became one of the best sellers in the ‘80s. First released in 1984, RIAA certified it double platinum in 1989. Between 1991 and 2017, over 1 billion copies were reportedly sold and had continued to sell even today.

On the charts, “Once Upon a Christmas” peaked at 12th on Billboard’s Top Country Albums, 31st on Billboard’s 200 and 4th on the list of Top Holiday Albums.


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