November 5

The ‘Crazy Arms of Ray Price, His First Number One Hit

To the people who have adored Ray Price all his life, many would have already known that Ray Price first number one hit came in May 1956 when he first released ‘Crazy Arms.’  It was written by Ralph Mooney and Charles Seals, a pedal steel player who have also done many recordings for Waylon Jennings and Wynn Stewart. This song tells about the narrator’s cry for all the things he had hoped and did for a loved one that’s not his anymore. It is one of Ray Price songs that is considered as a traditional country and a honky-tonk standard.

Crazy Arms, Ray Price

During the 1950s, Ray Price and his promoters were looking for a song that could touch and reach the youth of America. Price is considered a rising star who already had several successful recordings in 1956 and luckily, the song Crazy Arms fell to his lap that further established Price as a bankable name in the country industry and a necessary person in the heart of Texas. He is the portrait and pioneer of Texas shuffle sound:  fiddle, pedal steel guitar, walking electric bass and swinging 4/4 rhythm. This particular musical act has been an influence and inspiration to the up and coming musicians in the country scene the next year.

However, many do not know that ‘Crazy Arms’ had already been released by one of its songwriters, Wynn Stewart in 1954 that did not really make a huge impact in the country scene. It was Price who had taken the song to another level of mastery and classic act.

Since then, Price and his rendition of Crazy Arms have dominated charts and had lead to several other covers and renditions from different up and coming country artists such as Patty Loveless, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, Jerry Lee Lewis and Willie Nelson.

Listen to the rendition here and let us know what you think:



Crazy Arms, ray price, Wynn Stewart

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