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CHRISTIAN KANE: The Making of a Multi-Talented Artist

CHRISTIAN KANE: The Making of a Multi-Talented Artist 1
Christian Kane | Photo credit: courtneylee.deviantart.com

Multi-talented Texas native Christian Kane is living the iconic Woody Allen quote, “90% of life is showing up.” This motto helped him create his own path to the top. His successful multifarious career serves as a crystal clear proof to this. There’s no denying of the high acclaims he’s receiving both on the screens and music scene alike. Today, this seasoned artist is celebrating his 44th birthday. And to honor him, let’s take a closer look at the path he’s crafted for himself that led him to where he is now. But before going further, let’s first send him our warmest Happy Birthday greeting!

The Road to Acting

Probably, Christian Kane is best known for his screen and television roles. Becoming an actor was certainly his greatest dream to the extent that he gave up his other interests and even his studies for acting. Kane used to play football and wrestling while attending high school. He attended the University of Oklahoma where he plans to major in Art History. At this point, acting came to his mind. Without finishing his studies, he left school, took his truck and few savings then headed to Hollywood.

Apparently, Kane had to take several odd jobs first including delivering scripts for a talent agency before landing his big break in acting. In 1997, he played a leading role as Ryan “Flyboy” Legget in a new show called Fame L.A. His next role was being Wick Lobo a.k.a. “Cowboy” on Aaron Spelling’s Rescue 77 (1999). While these two shows didn’t last long, Kane remained undefeated in having continuous acting roles. Soon he was seen appearing on several shows (such as Angel, Close to Home, and Leverage) as well as television movies (Crossfire Train and the mini-series Into the West). Additionally, he landed major roles in a number of films expanding his appearance on the big screen. Among others, Kane starred in movies like Just Married, Secondhand Lions, Friday Night Lights, The Donner Party, and The Librarians.


CHRISTIAN KANE: The Making of a Multi-Talented Artist 2
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His Musical Journey

In addition to his work as an actor, Kane also has an active recording career. In fact, he heads the Southern country-rock band Kane which he put up with Steve Carlson in 1998. The two met a year before when Carlson took over the job that was formerly held by Kane in the talent agency. Soon, they began writing songs together and went on holding musical tours around the U.S., England, and Germany. Originally based in Los Angeles, the band moved to Nashville in 2001. Consisting of themselves and three other members, the group self-released a pair of albums. Their self-titled record, Record, came out in 2000 and the Live in London in 2004. Having signed with Bigger Picture Group in 2010, the band released their debut label album The House Rules in December that year. Surprisingly, it topped the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart while peaking at No. 25 on the Country Album chart.

Aside from recording, Kane also write songs for himself and other artists. In 2010, country music artist Trace Adkins released a song that Kane wrote called “Happy Man.”

CHRISTIAN KANE: The Making of a Multi-Talented Artist 3
Photo credit: screenertv.com

To help celebrate Kane’s birthday, let’s watch the music video for “Let Me Go,” one of the tracks included on the album The House Rules.

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