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A Taste of Mexico in ZBB and Jimmy Buffett’s “Knee Deep”

A Taste of Mexico in ZBB and Jimmy Buffett's "Knee Deep" 1
Zac Brown, Knee Deep (image from Youtube)

A song that brings out the sun and makes you wanna surf right away, “Knee Deep” is from Zac Brown Band’s 2001 album, You Get What You Give. The song becomes even more special with an all-time favorite icon, Jimmy Buffet. The song relays a message about finding time to just lay back and have no worries, after all your hard work, you deserve some leisure time.

Piece by piece, the song was completed

The song is perfect for Buffett’s kind of music theme which often portrays an “island escapism” lifestyle. Wyatt Durette, one of the co-writers, admitted that he was a long time Buffett fan, and he has been thinking of a song that they could sing together. He came up with the idea of a beach-themed song, so he wrote the first verse inspired by a breakup. Later on, he brought the song to Zac Brown, and they finished until the second verse and the melody until finally, Jeffrey Steele helped them complete it.

A Taste of Mexico in ZBB and Jimmy Buffett's "Knee Deep" 2
Jimmy Buffett (image from Youtube)

 “Knee Deep” in Mexico

With the creative direction of Darren Doane, the video rolled around Costa Careyes Resort in Mexico. The sites include a private beach and other nearby locations. The band spent over three days to complete the video. The was were able to bond together as they take shoots for the scenes. Zac brought also his family.

ZBB bring “Knee Deep” on CMT 2011

Though it was a dark and cold night during that time, Zac Brown Band spread the spirit of summer to the  CMT 2011 crowd with their sported pair of sunglasses and cowboy outfits. Zac Brown sang his heart out with his band, who went knee deep in fake waves. The life-size ark on their background completed the summer menu.

And for the record, the song reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Feel the heat, and dance with the beat with ZBB’s “Knee Deep.”

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