September 8

Zac and Shelly Brown: The Country Power Couple With a Big Heart for Kids

In the latest edition of Better Half, Opry Entertainment’s brand new YouTube series features the partners of some of Country’s biggest stars and how they are building their careers into success and significant social contributions.

The first “power couple” to be featured on the PEOPLE-exclusive premiere show is Zac Brown and his jewelry designer wife, Shelly. Zac Brown has been widely recognized by critics and fans for his immense musical gift and passion for country music. Meanwhile, his wife, Shelly, is working her way to fulfill her ambition and become a truly established jewelry designer. In the show, Shelly excitedly dishes out on her business, Shelly Brown Jewelry. Building her dream began during her childhood, where her playtime usually consisted of creating fancy bracelets and necklaces out of her toys and random little things she would find at home.

Growing up, she then signed up and attended a school for design, where she was able to explore her chosen craft and develop her artistic talent. “Designing is something that I’ve been doing my whole life and getting to create versatile pieces for every woman is something I’m incredibly proud of.”

In 2015 and at 33-years-old, Shelly was finally able to launch her very own jewelry line. Aside from stackable crystal bracelets, her line also included statement pieces and a little bit of everything that every woman desires in accessories

“I’m so excited to be able to share my company and my passion for design with so many people. Design has always been something that has really come naturally to me. It has been really fun to be able to bring that to the table now just the way that I did back then.” 

When asked what the perks of her career were, she shares that her business led her to meet some major celebrities like Kacey Musgraves and Kimberly Schlapman from the country group Little Big Town. Both artists are wearing Shelly’s designs.  Watching her creations be worn and adored by celebrities or featured in music videos and prestigious country music events make Zac’s wife feel all the more proud and accomplished.

When she is not busy running her career or assisting her husband with his music videos, she turns her full attention to their five adorable children as a doting mother.

Together, the power couple also shows their full support to other children through Camp Southern Ground, an inclusive camp founded by the couple for kids who are diagnosed with neurological disorders as well as those who belong to military families. The camp was a lifelong dream of Zac since he was only 14-years-old. It has also helped teach the couple’s kids the importance of lending a helping hand to other people and breaking out of the notion that the world revolves around them.

Shelly shares,

“Last summer, we had a lot of children who came to us who were on the autumn spectrum. We had one little boy in particular whose mom wrote us an email afterward [about] how he had never been invited to a birthday party or anything like that. [After camp], he had all of these friends and went home and talked about that.”

Partnerships like Zac and Shelly Browns’ are truly a great source of inspiration to all of us. They exemplify how fame and success should also be used as a tool to spread love, positivity, and development in the community.


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