October 16

Country Star & Pop Sensation Team Up for “Keep Me in Mind”

Although they have their specific music genres, most singers do not usually limit themselves to it. As much as possible, they need to collaborate with their fellow singers from other musical fields. These team-ups are not only to widen their exposure but also to establish strong ties with other singers. It’s also to hone their artistic skills further. Nowadays, many music artists do this. And often, the collaboration results in fantastic performances. Fans and supporters of these artists likewise come together and are equally left satisfied at the end of the show.

Recently, country and pop music followers united and witnessed their respective idols share the same stage for a sizzling act. Last September, the audience at the Factory in Franklin, Tennessee has seen the union of country and pop music. In particular, the famed country vocal group Zac Brown Band and pop sensation Shawn Mendes teamed up for a satiating take on ZBB’s “Keep Me in Mind.”

On Sharing One Stage

Apart from their music genre, the two vocalists also differ regarding the time they started performing before the crowd. One of them began over a decade ago while the other is still emerging as a promising figure in the music world. Formed in 2002, Zac Brown Band has already established a name in country music. Since then, the group has already released more than six albums and scored several No. 1 hits including among others “Chicken Fried,” “Highway 20 Ride,” and “Free.” On the other hand, the twenty-year-old Mendes has just begun making a name in the pop music industry five years ago.

Despite such, when the two met on stage for an episode of CMT Crossroads last month, they seemed to be very comfortable with each other. The young solo artist appears to be fully confident performing with the band. Likewise, ZBB’s vocalist displayed just how fitting his smooth vocal is with Mendes’ unique delivery. Their different musical styles blended seamlessly. In other words, they are perfect together on stage.

Released in 2010, “Keep Me in Mind” is Zac Brown Band’s seventh consecutive No. 1 single. The song is almost a decade old now. However, ZBB and Mendes’ take on it sounded extraordinarily fresh. The entire performance airs on October 24. But, fans can have a sneak peek of it through the clip below.


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