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Zac Brown, Sir Rosevelt “It Goes On” For The 12 Horse Soldiers


In addition to his longtime tasks as the front man for the Zac Brown Band, Zac Brown recently teamed with songwriter Nico Moon and producer Ben Simonetti to form a new Southern trio, Sir Rosevelt. The band dropped its self-titled debut album on Dec. 15, 2017. The 11-track album fuses the sounds of pop, dance, acoustic instrumentation, and Southern stylings. Zac and Nico have been collaborating for more than ten years and have been co-writers on a number of songs. Ben, on the other hand, was the recording engineer on Zac Brown Band’s 2015 album, Jekyll + Hyde. Harking back to Zac’s country roots, Sir Rosevelt’s created their latest track, “It Goes On”. The song was featured in the war drama, 12 Strong, in January. The movie tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. The movie’s soundtrack “It Goes On”, details a story of heroism based on true events.

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“It Goes On”, the Song

“It Goes On”, the new song from Zac Brown, is a melancholic anthem of holding on, despite the odds, the expected consequences, and the fact that you may die defending your country. The song serves as a powerful stuff given the context of war. The song talks about the struggles of a soldier leaving his family for war. He does not want to give a promise he could not keep. In the battle, nothing is ever sure, even coming home alive. The chorus describes that despite how a war goes on and on, they will still be together before the morning comes. Nevertheless, the warriors will be one in fighting for freedom. Overall, the song demonstrated an extensive, wild, thought-provoking after-party.

“12 Strong”, the Movie

“12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers” is based on Doug Stanton‘s 2009 bestseller, Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of U.S. Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan. Twelve Green Berets were tasked “to take on the Taliban and its Al Qaeda followers.” The goal: under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban. Moreover, a scene in the movie also featured the soldiers singing “The Ballad of the Green Beret”.

Watch the lyric video for “It Goes On”, which is set to footage from the 12 Strong movie.

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It Goes On, The Ballad of the Green Beret, Zac Brown

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