July 25

Watch: Zac Brown Band’s ‘My Old Man’ Captures Every Young Tale of Dads and Children

Zac Brown Band’s lead single to their latest album, Welcome Home, will turn on the waterworks for possibly anyone who listens to it. Titled My Old Man, the ballad speaks of band frontman Zac Brown’s dad. It also describes the life lessons and examples set by his father. By simply basing it on the song’s backstory, it implies that grabbing a box of tissue would be done before you press ‘play’ and start listening to the song.


Watch: Zac Brown Band’s ‘My Old Man’ Captures Every Young Tale of Dads and Children 1

The narrator’s reflection on his childhood is described in the song’s first verse. The lyrics progress to relaying the narrator’s adulthood in the second verse. Then later reveals in the third verse that the father has, in fact, passed away, and is hearing the narrator’s tribute in his final resting place in heaven. The music video was directed by Markus Blunder and features each of the band members’ photographs with their fathers.

After its release, My Old Man received praises left and right and positive reviews from critics. According to Kevin John Coyne of Country Universe, who gave the song an A-rating, he appreciates Zac Brown’s ability to capture feelings that are deep and difficult without the need to go downhill into “maudlin sentimentality.” He feels that Brown is able to capture well the exact reality of losing a parent by portraying how one way they’re gone, but at the same time they’re more present than they’ve physically ever been in your life because now they are constantly in your heart and mind.

Meanwhile, Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes described it as a “raw acoustic ballad” that “has flaws and genuine emotion.” He added that the sentimental melody is hard to hear as “anything less than a confessional and never have the Zac Brown Band released a single this personal.

My Old Man is Zac Brown Band’s first release through the label, Elektra Records. It is also in partnership with the band’s own label, Southern Ground. After its debut, the song landed on the 49th spot on the Hot Country Songs chart, and on 26th spot on the Country Airplay chart.

Listen to Zac Brown Band’s encouraging and deeply emotional song here:



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