June 30

Zac Brown Candid Flashback of 1st Grammy Win: “My Old Man”

“I never put down the guitar” says Zac Brown on his interview with Today’s host Willie Geist as he candidly discussed about the beginning of his career.

Zac Brown Interview


Beginning, Hustling, Zac Brown Grammy Win

When asked about how he knew that he’s going to be a country artist and how did he come up with his successful food business, Zac Brown discussed:

“I remember the moment, I was 14 I was at the coffee house and I was watching Shawn Mullins play and I knew right then that that’s what I wanna do.” “We never had a restaurant before. We knew we could bring a lot of people in through our music but we never knew we could own a restaurant. I mean, we could cook.”


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Willie also tried asking if the “Chicken Fried” singer had thought of giving up along the way as he experienced setbacks and challenges within that 10-year ‘hustlin’

“I was born hustling you know, and that’s been a great gift to everything for camp, for music and all of it too.” “There was nowhere in this world that somebody’s gonna tell me that I’m not gonna get there.”


It can also be remembered that in 2010 Zac Brown Band won their first ‘Best New Artist’ win at the Grammy Awards. Brown had a vivid description on how it went on that moment of his acceptance speech. He added:

“I don’t know. I had like blackout moments that night. I think I’ve stroked out a little bit or something. When they announced our name for a moment, I don’t remember walking. I don’t remember being on that stage for a second and how fast it was over.”


My Old Man, Inspiration

‘My Old Man’ was dropped by Zac Brown Band as the lead single from their ‘Welcome Home’ studio album and it was released on the 17th of February. Zac Brown dishes how this is very personal for him and how it was conceived:

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“So I always try to write a dad song and I’ve tried a bunch of times and nothing was ever good enough. A good friend of ours, Rodney Shelton and everyone calls him old man.  He passed away last year and that song is for all the dads and the people that touch your lives. Singing about wanting to be like him. Helping him hold up, posts and wiring with him. Him (my dad) being a giant when I was a baby. It was a memory of the old man.”


“I finally got a dad song good enough to play for him (his dad). I took him out to the car on Thanksgiving and I play just the demo of it.” The Grammy award winner concluded.


Watch the full interview here:




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