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This Song Presents “Your First Day in Heaven” Be Like

This Song Presents "Your First Day in Heaven" Be Like 1
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There’s at least one place we dream to be in or visit. As we plan the things to be done while there, there’s no denying of the excitement that arises from within us. As much as possible, we wouldn’t want any minute wasted and we want to get the most out of the experience. That’s because of the fact that such a visit would only last for a while. And once we are there, one of the usual descriptions we give for the experience is heaven. 

Now, what about the idea of being in heaven, the one true heaven we know? Has it ever crossed your mind to be in that place one day? It’s a given fact that we’ll all be going somewhere after our earthly journey. And, the afterlife journey is an everlasting one. That said, we have to aim for the better destination, where everything is beautiful and everyone is happy. And most of all, where God is, our loving and caring father with us. In case you haven’t imagined what your first day in heaven is going to be like yet, here is a song that provides a picture of it. Immerse yourself into the lyrics and melody of the song.

Join Bill and Gloria Gaither and other great singers in the below video for a joyous singing of “Your First Day in Heaven.”

Brief Song And Writer’s Background

“Your First Day in Heaven” is one of the many gospel songs that Stuart Hamblen wrote. As it is a song about heaven, it was set to an upbeat tune. The wording provides a picture of what would you do on your first day in heaven. The song opens with a chorus that tackles the beautiful sights elsewhere in the place including the smiles painted on each angel’s face.

Well it’s a great, great morning
Your first day in Heaven
When you stroll down the golden avenue.
There are mansions left and right
And you’re thrilled at every sight
And the saints are always smiling saying “How do you do?”
Oh it’s a great, great morning
You’re first day in Heaven
When you realize your worrying day are through.
You’ll be glad you were not idol
Took time to read your bible
It’s a great morning for you.

The first verse is about the narrator’s dream that did not make him want to be awakened anymore. Why? That’s for the reason that in his dream, he was an angel. He met St. Peter and some angels. In no time, he finds himself flying with them.

Although the song text is quite short, its message is so profound and rousing. Thanks to Hamblen for another great song to indulge in. Other songs that he contributed, each is equally beautiful, were How Big Is God?” and It is No Secret (What God Can Do)among others.

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Stuart Hamblen, Your First Day in Heaven

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