August 21

WATCH: Young and Aged Larry Gatlin Sings “I’ve Done Enough Dying Today”


“I’ve Done Enough Dying Today

If the aforementioned is your all-time-favorite song by the Gatlin Brothers, then you and Larry got something in common. In his commentary in the second clip below, it is, by far his favorite among all the other songs he has written.

Embedded videos were two different versions. First one was when they’re at the peak of their music career in 1978. The second, of course, was one among his latest performances in the 21st century. See if you could you spot any differences. Did it get better when his voice got older and deeper? Which one do you like better?

Aw! You’re too kind. Of course, you like both! Who wouldn’t? But can you at least try to critique?

Anyway, if you can’t help but notice Larry’s vibrato, that must have been the result of all their singing in church. Raised in a Pentecostal group, they had lots of vocals and practices. In case you’re not familiar with Pentecostals, they’re a religious group in which music is at the core of their worship. Their members are always encouraged to raise their voices musically.  We can deduce, therefore, that their church background made singing first nature to Larry and his brothers.

Besides their being musically endowed, somehow, their faith helped them to stay on course. Unlike other country legends whose careers dwindled fast due to drug exposures and addictions, they were spared from the heartaches of divorces and other troubles. To date, many of their fans attest that they still sounded as good as in the 70’s and 80’s. After being in the spotlight for a few years, they’ve made their choice to slow down from chasing more wealth and fame. They’ve had enough success in the secular so they’ve reverted to their first home- southern gospel singing. That is where they have been active since. These recent years though, they have released a couple of albums and they’re still performing in concert.


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