November 21

Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson Revived the Song “Are You Sure”

Do you remember Kacey Musgraves fifth studio album Pageant Material? If so, have you heard all the songs in her album? If you did, do you know which song she covered? Let’s find out which single Kacey added to her chart-topping album.

Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson

Kacey Musgraves Willie Nelson Are You Sure
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In 2014, when Kacey was hanging out at Willie Nelson’s tour bus during a break, she asked a question that surprised him. Kacey asked why he stopped playing his song “Are You Sure.” After they talked, Nelson pulled out his guitar and started singing his single with Kacey.

Their impromptu duet of “Are You Sure” was the reason why Nelson and Kacey decided to record the song together. Kacey added the song as the last track in her album. Her nostalgic recording of “Are You Sure” is like a gem hidden among other of her songs. If you get to the very end of her album, there, you will find the treasure that Kacey is talking about. On an interview with the Spin, Kacey said,

“I really am a big fan of nostalgic hidden tracks. It was something I was a big fan of growing up.”

“Are You Sure”

Willie Nelson and Buddy Emmons wrote the song “Are You Sure.” It was part of Willie’s third studio album Country Willie: His Own Songs. However, just like his first two albums, Willie’s third album was not commercially successful. In addition, none of the songs were released as a single. Therefore, it was not able to enter the chart.

It came as a surprise to Willie when Kacey asked him about his song “Are You Sure.” As you can see, it was not released as a single. Therefore, not everyone recognizes the song. Only a true fan can say they know it.

Pageant Material Album

Listen to Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson as they perform the classic country song “Are You Sure.”This hidden gem in Kacey’s album Pageant Material is worth listening to. The recording of the single was spectacular. Moreover, a few instruments were added without ruining the whole song. It sounded as good as the original version.

Listen to Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson as they perform the classic country song “Are You Sure.”


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