January 21

Reminiscing “You are My Sunshine” with Johnny Cash

We all experienced painful memories that should not be remembered. Thus, it can’t be helped that at times, we reminisce those bitter memories. For some, the bitterest experience is when your lover left you for someone else. Have you ever experienced this as well? This may be one factor for us to be a bitter person and even change our perspectives in terms of love. It’s natural for us to feel that we have been cheated on, betrayed, or even dumbfounded. But of course, we need to move forward and go on with our lives. It may be a sad experience, but let’s just take it as a lesson that we need to learn from. Moreover, I hope that you are familiar with the cover hit “You are my Sunshine” as rendered by Johnny Cash. Hence, the hit talks about a man who longed for his lover who left him.

The Best-selling Artist of All Time

This artist sold more than 90 million records worldwide. Also, he is a recipient of multiple awards and recognition. Further, he was loved by the public due to his unique baritone voice which adds flavor to his hits. I hope that you did not forget “The Man in Black.” Of course, I’m referring to Johnny Cash, who also popularized the hits “I Walk the Line,” “Ring of Fire,” and “A Boy Named Sue.”

Reminiscing “You are My Sunshine” with Johnny Cash 1
Photo Credits: Johnny Cash Official Home Page

You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

Being in love is one of the most precious feeling, but having a heartbreak is the worst. So as the theme of the covered hit from Johnny Cash “You are My Sunshine.” In addition, the song was released in 1939 and it became one of the most covered songs of all time. I hope that you will remember happy memories once you hear this hit. 


Johnny Cash

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