January 12

You Don’t Love God If..


Fun time of gospel jam with the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent.

There’s nothing you won’t love in this clip. From Rhonda Vincent’s singing, the stunning instrumentation, and the playful banter! Have fun!

Song’s Anatomy

Packed with bible details and references, it makes one want to open the holy book and read further. Easy and fun to listen to, but heavy in admonishment. It’s about the contradiction between merely professing love and practicing it.

Some that were specifically enumerated were:

… don’t pick fights even if you disagree with some people,
… no trash talking your fellow men,
…deserving or not, still show mercy,
… and always be ready to help those in need.

       “ If you don’t love your neighbor, you don’t love God.

Whether we admit or not, the lot of us begin and end our religiosity on Sundays. Come weekdays, we’re worse than pagans in our apathy, self-centeredness, and of ‘times, we’re quarrelsome. We nitpick over every minute detail that does not look or sound Christian enough. Not surprisingly, we drive away more people instead of our global mandate to lead them to Christ.

     “There’s a God Almighty, and He’s watching.

Bluntly, it is unbelievable how we act like God sees us only during Sabbaths. We get our acts together, say all the right words, and be the nicest person to hang with. Yet once we’re out of the church, our attitudes suck.

 “Consistency is the key.

Probably not instantaneous, but it won’t happen unless we do it.

To love God means to love our neighbors. (And should not be limited to our definition of ‘neighbor.’) What good is our salvation when we’re still as selfish as before? Wouldn’t that be an ingratitude to Jesus’ sufferings? He bore the wrath of God towards our wrongdoings. Let’s help draw more people to him then. Leave the judgment and the changing of one’s character to him. We’re inherently biased, anyway.


bluegrass, gospel, Rhonda Vincent

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