January 22

When “You Are My Sunshine” Becomes Effective for Baby Sitting


Have you ever tried being tasked by your Mom to take care of your baby brother or sister? And you just gave all the efforts to keep the baby safe or at least comfortable? You almost cannot give a blink, for the fear that the baby might be in danger if you won’t keep an eye to him or her. Well good news for you, here’s a new tip on how to effectively babysit.

Here’s a video posted by  proud Mom, Amanda Bowman Gray on her Facebook account. According to her post, she asked her daughter Lydia to watch for baby Bo while she takes her shower. Lydia played the guitar to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” and baby Bo actively joined the singing. Lydia definitely found an effective way to babysit his baby brother and they are just so cute to watch!

“You are my Sunshine” through the years

One of the most commercially programmed songs in the United States is “You are my Sunshine.” You won’t be surprised if you’ll hear atleast one person in every household in America, who memorized the song. According to statistics, it has been recorded for over 350 times. Country singers such as Gene Autry, Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and Bob Dylan had their own rendition of the song that do not go away from their style as musicians.

Interestingly, the song also has been the background music of many movies. In the learning society, it is one of the most used songs in children’s music classes. Today, the song is still undeniably almost recognizable by most Americans. It is also used for romantic themes. It is often sung by one lover to lover, husbands to wives, and wives to husbands. That’s how versatile the song can be, and I know you’ve got your own story to tell, whenever you hear the song.

When “You Are My Sunshine” Becomes Effective for Baby Sitting 1


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