February 15

Trisha Yearwood’s 1st Big Hit, “She’s In Love With the Boy”


TrishaTrisha Yearwood's 1st Big Hit, "She's In Love With the Boy" 1

The Song: In Brief

Trisha Yearwood became a famous female country singer in 1991 with her debut single “She’s in Love with the Boy”. Released in March 1991, the song was the first track from her self-titled album Trisha Yearwood. Songwriter Jon Ims provided the wordings of the song when it then topped both the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks and the RPM Country Tracks charts. It was Yearwood’s first of five number ones on the country chart. Apparently, the single brought the singer national success.  Its music video was filmed on a farm later in 1991 directed by Marc Ball.  

An Unwanted Love Repeated

More of a ballad, the song tells a story about Katie and Tommy, a teenage couple in a small town who wanted to get married. Their relationship though was not favored by Katie’s father. The couple went on a date one time and returned home late. This angered Katie’s father and confronted them as soon as they arrive home. It’s a good thing though that the young lady’s mother was more supportive. Immediately, she came to Katie’s defense and pointed out to her husband that they were of the same case when they were younger. They have gone through the same experience back to their teenage years. Katie’s mother did not approve of their relationship but they got married anyway. And, Katie will do the same with Tommy.  In the music video below, a pre-teen couple, a young adult couple, and an elderly couple are seen along with Yearwood sitting on a stool singing.

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