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Trisha Yearwood’s “Georgia Rain” Reminisces Her First Love

Trisha Yearwood's "Georgia Rain" Reminisces Her First Love 1

Trisha Yearwood's "Georgia Rain" Reminisces Her First Love 2Isn’t it warming to recall a dreamy moment spent with your special someone under the rain? This scene is commonly used in romantic movies. Although, some employ this element to depict a sad portion of the show including breakups.

But in Tricia Yearwood’s “Georgia Rain,” the  Grand Ole Opry member rekindled her past love that only the rain of Georgia was able to witness.

Revisit to Georgia

A visit to the narrator’s childhood place made her reminisce her first love. That particular instant the two had shared as raindrops gently pour over them relived in her memory. The sight of the place and a lot more have changed. But she noted that after all these years, the memory of the past under the Georgia rain lingers on. Taken near Yearwood’s hometown in Monticello, Georgia, the song’s video employed a pouring rain on wildflowers. Also, the video’s opening and finale showed the singer walking down a railroad track across an old dirt road. The music video below will surely captivate your heart with the song’s melody and beauty of the place.

Brief Info and Success of the Song

Originally, the song was titled “Augusta Rain.”  However, the singer requested it to be renamed as “Georgia Rain”  in reference to the track’s album, Jasper County. Released in 2005, the song became Yearwood’s first country hit reaching top 40 since her 2001 record “Inside Out.”  Additionally, it garnered a spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart landing at No. 15.  On the same month of the track’s release, it debuted at number 54 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. It immensely went up the chart, peaking at No. 15 after several weeks. Then on the year-end chart, the song stayed at No. 56.

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