May 22

Reconciled Hearts? Tammy Wynette & George Jones Share an on-Stage Moment Post Divorce

Country music has been witness to some of its most iconic couples. The list includes names such as Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, as well as June Carter and Johnny Cash. We can enumerate other country music couples, but no other pair would simply rise up and be as controversial as the previously romantic tandem between George Jones and Tamy Wynette.

Their bond gave rise to some of country lover’s most celebrated and endearing duets, namely Golden Ring, Near You and We’re Gonna Hold On. After five years, their marriage was dissolved. When the news broke, fans worldwide grieved, up until the two reunited on stage about 2 years after their divorce. The old friends performed Golden Ring, emulating how their once fairytale-like romance turned awry and they both finally fell out of love. [Editor’s Note: Find out the answer to did Reba McEntire sing the Night the Lights Went out in Georgia?].

Jones also did a little alteration on the song, crooning with bittersweet conviction the line, ‘Tammy said, One thing’s for certain, I don’t love you anymore’ to his flustered ex-wife.

Surprisingly, both country legends wrapped their little number with a friendly kiss. The reunion was followed by another collaboration in 1995, where they recorded One, their last album together. Before reaching eternal rest on their deathbeds, each of the previous pair remarried as well.

Tammy Wynette debuted in 1966. She was given the title, First Lady of Country Music, and Stand By Your Man was her most widely known song.  A huge chunk of Wynette’s music highlighted the struggles of going through a divorce, loneliness, and the hardships of having relationships and simply being alive. During her time, themes that delved into life’s harsh realities were said to be classics. In the 1970s, she has given credit for having accurately defined what the role of women truly is in the society.

George Jones was not her first and last marriage. Wynette was married five times—to Euple Byrd (April 1960-1966), George Jones (February 1969-March 1975), Michael Tomlin (July 1976-September 1976), and George Richey (July 1978-April 1998). Even after her passing, Tammy’s legacy as one of the best and most influential female country music singers to date. Her life reached its end on the 16th of April, 1998. She was 55 years old and she died in her sleep. Prior to that, Wynette suffered and persevered through countless hospitalizations and medical conditions. Later on, it was revealed that a blood clot in Wynette’s lung led to her demise. Fans adored her determination and dedication to her craft when she was still alive. She would still perform despite fighting off sickness.

George Jones, on the other hand, is an internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter known for countless hit songs like He Stopped Loving Her Today, Why Baby Why, as well as No Money in this Deal. However, in 1964, his career took a wrong turn after he let alcoholism and the use of amphetamines while driving. After he was caught, he was admitted to a neurological hospital and was given professional intervention. His alcoholism caused his health to deteriorate, making him miss many of his concerts and tours. In 1980, he returned to the music scene sober and continued producing great songs. Jones passed away due to hypoxic respiratory failure on the 26th of April, 2013.



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