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Before Wynette,’Twas Bobby Austin’s “Apartment No. 9”

Well, it is very prominent in the music industry to revive or cover other artists’ songs. This fact does not spare the country music world.

This Tammy Wynette song, “Apartment No. 9” is an example. Before Wynette owned the song and made it famous, it was actually Bobby Austin who first made it to charts. Let’s learn more about this.

Before Wynette,'Twas Bobby Austin's “Apartment No. 9” 1

Bobby Austin/

About Bobby Austin and “Apartment No. 9”

Born Robert Allen Austin on May 4, 1933, in Wenatchee, Washington, Bobby Austin was perhaps best known for “Apartment No. 9,” the song he co-wrote with Johnny Paycheck. Topping out at No. 21 in 1966, it was Austin’s first chart single.

The following year, it also became Tammy Wynette’s first hit, although she took it only to the No. 44 slot. The first to receive that honor from the Academy, it was named the Academy of Country Music Song of the Year in 1966.

According to information compiled by Barry McCloud for his Definitive Country: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Country Music and Its Performers, Austin began entertaining publicly when he was 5 years old, influenced chiefly by the songs of Ernest Tubb and Hank Snow.

After working in local bands, Austin moved to Los Angeles in 1955 and soon was involved in the city’s vibrant country music scene. In 1960, he released his first single, “Polynesian Baby,” on Challenge Records. Subsequently, he worked in Wynn Stewart’s band and played bass on recording sessions for Buck Owens. In 1962, Capitol Records signed him.

Austin’s other chart singles were “Cupid’s Last Arrow” and “This Song Is Just for You” (1967), “For Your Love” (1969) and “Knoxville Station” (1972). His albums include Apartment No. 9 and Old Love Never Dies, both on Capitol, and ones simply titled Bobby Austin on the Hurrah, Syndicate, and Design labels.

On January 6, 2002, he died at his home after a long illness. He was 68.

Listen to Bobby Austin’s original version of “Apartment No. 9.”

Tammy Wynette’s Version

Released in the same year, “Apartment No. 9” was recorded by Tammy Wynette on October 19, 1966. The song became one of her hits and has been considered her own. Fair enough, when she first recorded the song, it peaked at no. 44 in the charts. To note, it was one of the songs when she started in the music industry.

Here are the lyrics of the song and try to sing with it.

Just follow the stairway
To this lonely world of mine
You’ll find me waitin’ here
In apartment number nine

Not so very long ago
You walked away from me
And after all the plans we made
You decided to be free

Loneliness surrounds me
Without your arms around me
And the sun will never shine
In apartment number nine

I keep waitin’ in this lonely room
Just in case you change your mind
You’ll find me waitin’ here
In apartment number nine

Loneliness surrounds me
Without your arms around me
And the sun will never shine
In apartment number nine

No, the sun will never shine
In apartment number nine

Listen to Tammy Wynette’s version of “Apartment No.9.”

Watch Tammy Wynette perform “Apartment No. 9” live.

Why Apartment No. 9?

In numerology, there’s a hidden meaning for everything, especially for numbers. As for the case of the song, did you ever think why the songwriter chose the number “9” instead of the other numbers? Well, due to the insufficiency of sources that would directly tell as to why the author chose it, I have come up and have had some studies and research about what it all stands up. Here’s what I’ve found.

Apartment number 9 – the number of world harmony, gives a very great spiritual power. To specific life events, it has little influence, only slightly softens everything happening around you. As a result of nines, you find yourself involved in global processes.

This is the number of teaching that seeks satisfaction in his inner world, provides protection and good luck in the circle of like-minded people who bestow peace and tranquility. Physical health, under the influence of nine, determines the water exchange, emotional – the ability to not compromise their principles of life in any situation, mental – the ability (congenital or acquired) in the process of meditation to restore the power connection to nature.

Using the above information, you can not only predict the general destiny of future events but also plan their most favorable way for himself. To do this, choose exactly what you want to achieve and find the total number of apartments that meet your plans. You can also pick up the floor and play with the proposed choice of rooms, so they are not spoiled, but rather intensified its action conceived you.

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