WWYD or “What Would You Do?” gives us a glimpse of the kindness instilled in people and their respect and appreciation to our country’s Veterans.


Screengrab of the WWYD episode about a veteran not being able to pay for his groceries, full video available below.

This Fourth of July, we are once again celebrating this wonderful country of ours while reaffirming our patriotism and appreciating our God-given freedom.

One of the reasons we are still able to do this today is because of all the hard work and sacrifices done to keep our country free from any possible threat or new oppressors. We are free because our men and women in the military keep it that way.


photo by Sgt. Brett Miller, 116th Public Affairs Detachment

It is not a far-fetched thing to think that we should respect our veterans, which is basically deep-seated in us as part of our values. Giving respect to those who fight for us is a no brainer, it should be, yet sadly it isn’t always the case.

The best examples of disrespect we give veterans are those who came back from Vietnam. They went to fight for democracy and stop the spread of communism.

Yes, I know that we don’t all agree with that war but so did those soldiers. They went to represent our country because the government told them to, and they did their duty. We were the ones who protested for them to return and when they did, we spat on them.

Until today, we have yet to make up to our disrespect to those brave soldiers. Many of whom aren’t even around anymore. Along with them, we also have to remember to show respect to our soldiers today despite our political beliefs.

Admittedly, even I sometimes get swept away with the politics of it all that I forget that those who deserve respect should have it, and most of our soldiers do. At the end of the day, our soldiers fight to fulfill their duty for our country and for us.


Image from goodfreephotos

WWYD Reminds Us The Respect And Kindness We Ought To Show


Image taken from the “What Would You Do” official Facebook page

WWYD, or “What Would You Do?” is a show on ABC hosted by John Quiñones that sets up different scenarios and watch the reactions of people to them. It is a sort of a “social experiment” done in good taste.

In these two particular episodes the scenario revolved around a veteran being short on cash in the supermarket, and the kindness that people gave is awe inspiring. Also, give special attention to the people who have little yet still tried to help simply because they respected the veteran.

Videos like these show us the kind of respect we should give our brave ones and at the same time, show the kindness in human beings. There is nothing more patriotic and more “American” than the reactions that the people in this video exude. Let them serve as a lesson and reminder to the rest of us (including me) on how we need to properly set aside our political leanings in terms of those who serve for us.