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“She Wouldn’t Be Gone” Grows Out of a Wildflower Idea


“She Wouldn’t Be Gone” Grows Out of a Wildflower Idea 1
Blake Shelton | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

A feeling of regret and desperation is what this Blake Shelton single and fifth No. 1 song exudes. Entitled “She Wouldn’t Be Gone,” the song expresses a man’s despair after his lover left him. An extreme feeling of remorse would soon knock him back upon realizing his mistake. He knew that his woman would not leave him had he tried to keep her. That is by bringing her flowers, watching sunsets with her, and paying attention to her needs.

Pouring out more feelings into this singing has contributed to the song’s landing atop the country chart. At the time of the song’s recording, The Voice coach said that he had “been able to dump more emotion into that vocal” than any of his previous releases. At a later period though, the I’ll Name the Dogssinger performed another emotionally melodramatic song. That tune was called Every time I Hear that Song.”

Below is the music video of “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” which was directed by Scott Speer.

Song Composition and Promotion

Jennifer Adan and Cory Batten collaborated for the first time to pen a song. Sitting next to some red flowers at Edgehill Café in Nashville, the two started with the idea of a wildflower. Out of it, the song “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” was developed. It was indeed something special that the two came up with. In an interview, Cory said the following about the wildflower idea,

“Just like in life, it’s the little things that we sometimes fail to notice that could make the biggest difference in our lives.”

As they finished writing the song, the two worked at their best to promote it. Their aim was to get it heard by as many people around town. Until Cory and his publisher, Kent Blazy pitched the song to Scott Hendricks, producer of Blake Shelton’s album Startin Fires. Fortunately, Hendricks liked it and eventually included the song to Blake’s fifth studio album.

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