July 23

“You’re the Only World I Know:” Sonny James’ Second No. 1 Song

sonny james you're the only world i know

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It makes you feel like you are floating and it makes you feel that everything around you is magical. Love can make you see things in a different way. It can even make you associate most of it with the person you love. When you are in love, everything is all about the person you love. The songs you listen to, the food you eat, the moon, the stars, everything reminds you of that person. That is the power and beauty of love.

Sonny James and His Song’s

Sonny James first song to peak at No. 1 was “Young Love” in 1956. After that, he released other singles that entered the top 10 and 20 of the chart. His last single to enter the top 10 was “Uh-Huh-Mm” in 1957. After two years he charted one single at No. 22, “Jenny Lou.” It took him two years again to be able to make his song enter the chart. But despite waiting for years before having songs enter the chart, it was worth the wait, because, after six years since his last No.1 song charted, he finally achieved another No. 1 on the chart.

Second No. 1 Song

“You’re the Only World I Know” became Sonny James’ second No.1 song to hit the Billboard chart. In 1964, Sonny James and Robert Tubert wrote the song for James’ album You’re the Only World I Know.

Marie Osmond’s Rendition

Sonny James’ single was covered by Marie Osmond in 1973. Osmond’s rendition of this song became one of the singles in her album Paper Roses.

About the Song

It is a song of a man who expresses his love for his woman. He is captivated by his lover that she became his world. Everything around him reminds him of his lover. She is his world that he can’t live without her love for him.

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sonny james, You're the Only World I Know

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