September 21

10 Words and Phrases that are Undeniably Country!

If you’re a true-blue Southerner, you pretty much know that there are phrases or words you either pronounce a little differently, the same way you have a different vocabulary for expressing certain things. Having your own diction can be a result of the environment and culture you grew up in, and frankly, there’s nothing but beauty in these verbal differences that different states and nationalities have.

Read through our list below and see if you can catch up with some of the country slangs and phrases we’ve compiled:

1. Bless your heart This phrase can be used either to express empathy to someone or to exhibit support.

2. Y’all A staple in the Southern/Country vocabulary, y’all is simply a shortened and combined form of “you all”. It’s pretty convenient and saves your tongue from rolling a little higher when addressing many people. Besides, this word has already earned some country-esque spunk to it, especially when pronounced with just the right amount of sass, don’t you agree?

3. Don’t have a pot to piss in No, we’re not talking about the lack of a decent restroom that one would resort to pee in an actual pot. What this phrase really means is, well, you’re broke beyond measure.

4. Hissy Fit A hissy fit is when someone throws a tantrum, whines, or makes face.

5. God don’t like ugly The ugly in this phrase refers more to a person’s personality and behavior than their looks or physical appearance.

6. Cattywompus Physically and mentally stimulated, hyperactive, all jacked up

7. Sweating more than a whore in church It may seem like an overly scandalous or censor-worthy expression, but this simply translates to the feeling of extreme heat and the need for a cool refreshment to cool it down.

8. Drier than a popcorn fart It has basically the same definition as number 7. It can either refer to one feeling thirsty, or the occurrence of drought.

9. Skedaddle To skedaddle means to run or get out of a certain place immediately.

10. Give me some sugar Please don’t pass the sugar when a Southerner asks you for this (unless they are sitting next to you in front of a diner, sipping coffee, that is.) Sugar here refers to, well, a kiss. So, in other words, give me some sugar is a sweet and country way of asking for a smooch!

If you have more Southern or country phrases you want to share, post them in the comments below!


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