March 2

Stellar Cover of “I Won’t Let Go” feat. Tuva and Mia


“It was spiritual for me, it was what God was saying to me: ‘You may fall but I won’t let go.'”
– Gary LeVox, lead singer-

I am with Gary LeVox on how his band’s song, “I Won’t Let Go” has touched me.

True to their claims, the lyrics were universal. It could mean different things to people, depending on what they may be currently going through. Regardless of the interpretation, it’s easy to see why many fell for this song.

Before we delve into that, listen to these two, cute girls with amazing voices in their rendition of a Rascal Flatts song.
Stellar Cover of “I Won’t Let Go” feat. Tuva and Mia 1

Tuva and Mia in “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts

Song’s Anatomy

Songwriters Jason Sellers and Steve Robson were geniuses. They came up with a song so versatile that it could reach a wide array of an audience from different demographics.

The part that says, ‘I Won’t Let Go’ would instantly pull heart-strings. Thus, deepening the appeal to its listeners who, in turn, would recommend it to others.

Since pain and tears are part of living, there’s something about “someone” acting as the anchor of hope and dependability.

Even Seller could not believe the extent of their song’s impact. E-mails of stories and appreciations poured in. While songwriting was what he does for a living, he felt that he had made a valuable contribution with ‘I Won’t Let Go.’

There’s power in its lyrics.

Far from being labeled as an “uplifting” song, a devout Christian would believe that its conception was Spirit-led. It’s as if God, himself, dictated the words to the composers. And was it mere co-incidental that the group to perform it was the Rascal Flatts? They may not have labeled themselves a Christian band, but their songs were welcomed and played on Christian radio stations.

Care to share how this song may have touched you? Let’s hear your stories.
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