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“There Won’t Be Anymore” as Charlie Rich’s Song Goes

The name behind the lyrics and the song “There Won’t Be Anymore” is Charlie Rich. Recorded in the 1960s, they released it as a single at the end of 1973. Eventually, the track became Rich’s fourth chart-topper on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in March 1974. Also, it became a top 20 pop hit in the same year.

During his time at Groove Records (a subsidiary of RCA rhythm and blues), Rich made his own cover. He worked side by side with producer Chet Atkins, one of the architects of the Nashville Sound.

Like many of the songs Atkins produced in his era, “There Won’t Be Anymore” featured choral backing and strings. This style is so prominent on other Rich recordings of the time.

At the beginning and somewhere in the middle of the song, they featured a saxophone solo.

The Right Timing for Charlie Rich’s Track Release

Although there were earlier recordings, they did not release “There Won’t Be Anymore” as a single until December 1973. This was the time after Rich had million-selling hits under Epic Records with “Behind Closed Doors” and “The Most Beautiful Girl”. At the time his Epic single “The Most Beautiful Girl” was peaking in popularity, “There Won’t Be Anymore” quickly became Rich’s fourth #1 song overall.

Rich’s chart success led the labels—RCA, Mercury and Sun—that owned his older recordings to look for potential hits. Among these, one of the first songs they released as a single was “There Won’t Be Anymore”. In the late 1950s or early 1960s, Charlie Rich recorded a blues version of “There Won’t Be Anymore” under Sun.

The B-side of the 1973 release of “There Won’t Be Anymore” was called “It’s All Over Now”. This is not the same with Bobby Womack-Shirley Womack’s penned song “It’s All Over Now” that The Valentinos and The Rolling Stones recorded.


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