December 6

Wondering “What Might Have Been” by Little Texas

American country music group Little Texas recorded “What Might Have Been”. Released in May 1993, it was the lead-off single from their second album, Big Time. Band members Porter Howell (lead guitarist), Dwayne O’Brien (rhythm guitarist), and Brady Seals (keyboardist and vocalist) penned its lyrics. On the Billboards Hot Country Songs chart, the song reached number 2. In 1993, the track occupied the 11th spot on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. To add, on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, it peaked at number 16. By far, this has been one of Little Texas’ best-known songs.

In this song, the narrator tells himself or his former romantic interest that the past cannot be changed. Additionally, no one could ever predict what could have become of their relationship. Sadly, the exact circumstances are left open-ended—there has not been any closure.

The Music Video

Jack Cole, a director, filmed two music videos of the song. The first version, filmed entirely in sepia tone, focuses on World War II. In here, it shows a couple dancing just before the man has to go off to war. Old stock footage from the war is shown also.

The second version features a man named Michael. On his visit to his grandfather at a nursing home, he brings his son Tommy. Shortly after arriving, Tommy shows his great-grandfather a photograph that he had found. In it was Nathan with a woman named Clarice whom he met during the Second World War. Throughout the visit, Nathan shares various stories with Michael about Clarice. As he was sharing this, he mentioned that they had lost all contact with each other after the war ended. After Michael and Tommy’s visit, Nathan walks about the nursing home hallways when he passes an elderly woman. He suddenly stops and turns around to see if the woman looks familiar. In a heartbeat, he realizes that it was his long, lost love, Clarice. As they come together, the video flashes back to the younger Clarice and Nathan sharing a kiss. The second film has been played on CMT, TNN, and GAC, as well as CMT’s sister channel, Pure Country.


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