June 13

Wonder Full in “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”

Presenting again The Cathedrals in one of their timeless acts!

Assuredly, your eyes will be glued as you watch this quartet’s singing of the hymn, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” Their energy is infectious and I wouldn’t fault you if you start singing along.

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Published in 1922, this hymn became a quick favorite by churches as it meets that sometimes elusive congregational tempo. Elements of meditation, motivation, and moderation were all present. These on top of the hymn’s message and musicality.  And here’s a trivia. Would you believe that Pastor Haldor Lillenas wrote this song using an old reed organ which he bought for five dollars?

Related Story

Grace,” in concept, is simple. It’s about being given something we don’t deserve. Listening again to this hymn reminded me of a story about two men praying before God.

Inside the Lord’s temple, an elder happened to overhear another man’s prayer. The praying man was frustrated and kind of blames God for his misfortunes. He told God that he just wanted him to give what he deserves. Hearing that, the elderly man tapped his shoulder. Not wanting to be bothered, the second man ignored him. But the elder was persistent and he tapped him harder.

Annoyed, the second man bellowed, “What?!”

The Elder asked, “What did you just ask God?”

“For God to give me what I deserve,” the second man retorted.

“Son, you don’t know what you’re asking,” said the Elder

“What do you mean?” queried the second man.

Without batting an eyelid, the Elder calmly said, “If God gives you what you deserve, you’ll be in hell by now.”

The point? The only thing we sinful humans truly deserve is retribution. But by God’s wonderful grace, he made a way to redeem through Christ’s sacrifice.

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