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“A Woman’s Love” : The Epitome of Willie Nelson’s Genre

"A Woman's Love" : The Epitome of Willie Nelson's Genre 1
Willie Nelson (image from Youtube)

Willie Nelson describes how potent a woman’s love is with his song, “A Woman’s Love,” the first single in his 2017 album, “God’s Problem Child.” Perhaps, this is the song that epitomizes his genre of folk music.

“A Woman’s Love” is a minor-key ballad about the mysteries of love. The song was penned by Mike Reid but swoons like a Nelson classic. The song talks about how passionate a woman’s love can be. That love, however, can leave a deep wound once treated unfairly.

A woman’s love goes deeper than the man’s
Into a place only she understands
It’s a healing touch, it’s a blade of a knife
But so much love, a woman’s love that gives you life

Aside from the evocative lyrics, the honking harmonica from Wilson’s long-time bandmate Mickey Raphael added to the romantic effect of the song. Also, the punctuated Spanish-influenced guitar solo and the richness of piano instrumentals added to the depth of the song.

To complete the menu, the music video is just as elegantly refined. The footage is shot in a combination of stark black-and-white and vibrant color. Wilson singing in front of the mirror gives the impression of him giving advice to himself.

60th Album

“God’s Problem Child” is Willie Nelson’s sixtieth album in a career that has spanned about as many as years. This excellently produced album added to the list of his already impressive catalog. He continues to create a record that cannot be easily broken by any other artist.

The most interesting about Willie’s recordings is that he hasn’t lost his touch as a storyteller and performer. He may have performed in thousands of theaters, but the greatness of the quality of his songs didn’t depreciate. Instead, it becomes even more classic and distinct. His story-oriented songs continue to relate to all sorts of situations that can ever be encountered in this life. He can talk about love, anger, family, and life itself with a poignant effect.

"A Woman's Love" : The Epitome of Willie Nelson's Genre 2
Willie Nelson (image from Youtube)

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God’s Problem Child, Willie Nelson

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