January 5

The Nature of a Woman’s Love According to Willie and Alan

Ladies! You’re in for a treat this time as you will soon be serenaded by two of our crooning legends. Same title and the same subject, Alan Jackson and Willie Nelson give us an inside scoop on the male species’ mind.

In each one’s unique way of phrasing, both lauded the intensity of a woman’s unrelenting love.

Let’s have a closer look at these two gentlemen’s take on the subject.

Alan Jackson on a Woman’s Love

Quotable lines:

I’ll never come Face to face
With anything
that takes the Place
Of a woman’s love

Alan’s approach is a simple talk from experience. Always the Mr. Natural in conveying his thoughts, he did not pussyfoot nor water down his song’s message. On the flipside of sweet-savoring his woman’s love, is the admission of a mistake he had committed. There’s the realization that had not his woman been gracious and forgiving, he would have lost the most invaluable blessing he’d ever receive in life.

Our take away? Never take a woman’s love for granted. Appreciate all their efforts no matter how little or trivial they may seem. If you have found a good woman, treat her like a pearl of great price; irreplaceable and one you would not want to miss for the world.

Willie Nelson’s Moving Interpretation

Quotable line:

               It’s a woman’s love you’re living for

Always the poet, Willie’s dose of description is laden with colorful metaphors. Based on his song, a man will have a love-hate relationship with a woman’s love. It’s a healer, but it can also cut like a knife. Once given, the feeling is cloud nine, but once removed, it’s enough to drown a man in sorrow.

Taken as a whole, it’s something worth having, worth keeping, and worth dying for.

Now time to the address our gallant men. What are your thoughts on Willie and Alan’s songs? Let us hear them in the comment section.



a woman's love, Alan Jackson

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