November 28

Lee Ann Womack & Willie Nelson’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Now that the holiday breeze is slowly creeping into our homes, filling our ears with lovely Christmas music is just befitting. During a very lighthearted, intimate, and delightful cover duet, Willie Nelson and Lee Ann Womack make fans sigh and fantasize about the warm coziness of being indoors.

Releasing their own rendition of the sweetly coy Christmas tune, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Lee Ann Womack and Willie Nelson help keep the bright anticipation for the holidays burning.

In an interview, Womack described the duet with the legendary country singer as fun and a true dream come true.

“I’ve always wanted to have a Christmas record with Willie. And I’ve always wanted to record something that wasn’t just oozing with clichéd Christmas sounds.”

Womack adds that after sharing her idea and own interpretation of the song with Nelson, they began working on their own version of the said track.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside just got hotter with its newfound appeal

Made available for streaming since November 24, through Amazon’s All is Bright holiday playlist, the brand new cover of Baby, It’s Cold Outside features the fine combination of each artist’s unique vocal style. The soothing vocals of Womack blend and communicate perfectly with the signature musicality of Willie Nelson. Not only that, listeners will truly feel the entertaining and overwhelming burst of emotion and persuasion through their country idol’s voices. Brace yourself for Womack’s firm exhibition of worry and wanting to escape in the midst of the snow storm through the line, “I really can’t stay”, as Nelson soothes her anxieties like magic with a longingly yet also matter-of-factly delivered, “But baby, it’s cold outside.”

Lee Ann Womack and Willie Nelson both hail from Texas, they also share a love for the Western swing. Their common ground helped bring just the right chemistry between the two gifted artists for their Christmas collaboration. This is likewise not Womack’s first time recording a Christmas song. In 2002, she released The Season for Romance, her first-ever holiday-themed album. Overall, Lee Ann Womack’s impression of her holiday project with Willie Nelson as “one of the most fun projects I’ve ever been part of! It’s fun to take a standard song and figure out a way to make it your own.” She beams.

Check out the fantastic cover duet below:


Lee Ann Womack, Western swing, Willie Nelson

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