July 13

With Alison Krauss & Jerry Douglas, There’s CAROLINA IN MY MIND

With Alison Krauss & Jerry Douglas, There's CAROLINA IN MY MIND 1
Jerry Douglas and Alison Krauss (image from Youtube)

A performance at its best

Alison Krauss’ effortlessly angelic voice and a masterful dobro instrumentation from Jerry Douglas combine for a memorable song from James Taylor, you’ll witness a performance at its best.  “Carolina in Mind” became, even more, gratifying with their phenomenal version. The smoldering love in their rendition can make one listen intently. It sends a rhythm that touches the heart, feeds the soul, pleases the ear and makes the body glad to be alive and move along with them while feeling the sunshine and moonshine, and longing for whatever means home to us each.

Alison Krauss

With Alison Krauss & Jerry Douglas, There's CAROLINA IN MY MIND 2
Alison Krauss (image from Youtube)

Krauss and her Union Station band have the ability to make you forget everything else while they play. They can take you to the prime musical experience- emotionally, neurologically, and spiritually. Alison is a lovely woman who has blossomed with age, and she emerged from her cocoon to enthrall us with her velvet smooth voice that creates a sting. A voice that could charm the birds from the trees. Alison can sing twenty randomly selected pages from the phone book and it would always sound beautiful. Truly, she’s one of the best and most original voices country music has ever produced.

Jerry Douglas

With Alison Krauss & Jerry Douglas, There's CAROLINA IN MY MIND 3
Jerry Douglas (image from Youtube)

On the other hand, Jerry Douglas is undeniably a stalwart musician. He is known as a dobro (resonator guitar) and a lap steel guitar player. His excellent performances received a total of fourteen Grammy Awards. Also, he received the Country Music Association’s “Musician of the Year” award three times.

To top it all, the most amazing thing about Alison and Jerry is their ability to perform different genres of music yet their musical identity remains.

Carolina in my Mind

James Taylor originally recorded “Carolina in my Mind” on his self-titled debut album released in 1968. Since then, the song has become a staple for Taylor’s concert performances over the decades of his career. Also, the song has been called an unofficial state anthem for North Carolina for its sense of geographic place.

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Alison Krauss, CAROLINA IN MY MIND, Jerry Douglas

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