December 3

Happy Birthday to the Man Behind “Wings of a Dove,” Ferlin Husky

There’s a lot of things that we should be thankful for. Well, life has a lot to offer. Anyhow, if we are to admire the fruits of life, we need to consider where it started — BIRTH. Of course, it’s the beginning of everyone and the window for us to attain our purpose in life. So, in my opinion, birthday celebrations should be memorable. Now, let us greet our celebrator for today, Ferlin Husky!

Our Birthday Boy

Isn’t it nice to celebrate a special day of someone you love? Let’s go ahead and reminisce the good old days of this talented superstar. Moreover, this man is considered as one of the industry’s greatest vocals. Well, let’s spill the beans, it’s Ferlin Husky everyone. To be exact, he was born on December 3, 1925, in Cantwell, Missouri on a small farm.

Fun Facts

He was originally named “Ferland,” after one his father’s friend. But, it seems that someone messed with his birth certificate that’s why we know him today as Ferlin Husky. Nevertheless, he turned out to be a successful person in the music industry with numerous hits that slammed the charts. Moreover, Husky’s contribution and influence to the industry will never be forgotten.

The Hit that Touched a Thousand Souls

This song was one of the most successful hits that Ferlin Husky recorded. In addition, it stayed for nine months in the country charts at number one. In my opinion, this song was sensational, probably because of its message that was based on the Bible. Well, I hope you still remember “Wings of a Dove.”

Due to the song’s popularity, it was recorded by various artists incorporating their style. Ferlin Husky recorded “Wings of a Dove” to be an inspiration for other people. Hence, his birthday is a reminder that no matter how hard life is, we need to exert our best effort to excel.

Again, happy birthday, Ferlin! You will always have a place in our hearts.


Cantwell, Ferlin Husky, Missouri, Wings of A Dove

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