November 15

Ask with Willie and Slim, “Who at My Door is Standing?”

A song based on Revelations 3:20 by Mary Slade who lived in Fall River, Massachusetts in the 1800’s. She was a pastor’s wife, a teacher, and a musician who wrote several gospel songs. Not a few could still be found in published hymnals.

The title was derived from the description of Jesus gently and earnestly knocking on the door of a man’s heart to let him in. Though he is God who can just barge in to make demands, yet he is a gentleman who is no micromanager and would not violate anyone’s free will. Still, he does want us with him, so he will persistently knock and call until he becomes not just a part of our lives, but our reason for living.

It was covered and recorded by some prominent singers including Marty Robbins, Slim Whitman, and Johnny Cash. It is commonly sung in Sunday schools and special meetings like fellowships and discipleships.

Here is a rare video of a young Willie Nelson singing, “ Who at My Door is Standing.” Boy! I almost did not recognize him here.

And here is a personal favorite, Slim Whitman’s version.

Now that we know who is at our door standing and knocking, what will be our response? For the unbelievers, this metaphor has often been used as an invitation to turn to Christ. While that applies, it does not mean that it no longer holds relevance to us, current believers. Have we become so consumed by our loads of cares and ambitions that we have left Jesus out of lives? If so, then heed Jesus call. What does it matter that we become materially prosperous but lose Jesus? Besides, there is nothing we could receive and achieve if not for his generosity to bless us in all things be it material or spiritual.


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