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10 Fast Facts About Willie Nelson’s Spouse You Need To Know


Willie Nelson’s spouse Annie D’Angelo is popularly known for her marriage with the country music artist and their 23-year age gap. The couple is now three decades strong after meeting in 1986 and hopefully pushing to a lifetime. 

But other than her marriage, there’s not much information that we know about Annie. Here are 10 fast facts that we managed to dig about the wife of Willie Nelson. Let’s get to know her. 

1. She was born on August 27, 1956.

This 2021, Annie D’Angelo will be celebrating her 65th birthday. This is one of the most commonly googled facts about her considering the age gap between her and husband Willie Nelson, who was born in 1933. 

Aside from her birthday and that she’s a Virgo, her background remains a mystery until now. She is definitely American, but sources say that she is also part Italian which gave her a unique look.

2. She was a makeup artist in Hollywood.

Before she met Willie Nelson, she was a makeup artist who participated in many Hollywood films including the 1984 film Bachelor Party, 1987 Hot Pursuit, 1988 Where The Hell’s That Gold?!!?, and 1989 Gleaming the Cube. 

3. She first met Willie Nelson on the set of a film.

In 1986, the two met on the set of the Western action film Stagecoach starring Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. Aside from top billing the film, these four are also known as members of the country music supergroup named The Highwaymen.

4. She and Willie Nelson got married in 1991. 

The couple exchanged vows at St. Alouin Church in Nashville, Tennessee on September 16, a few years after they met and dated.

5. She is the mother of two talented sons.

Annie D’Angelo first became a mom on December 25, 1988 with their firstborn named Lukas Autry who is now a film score composer. Two years after, the couple was blessed with their second son named Jacob Micah born on May 24. He is now a musician and a visual artist as well. 

6. She is Nelson’s fourth wife. 

Willie Nelson was first married to Martha Matthews in 1952 until they divorced in 1962. According to Nelson, he was abused by Matthews, beating him with a broom and tying him up in ropes. The couple had three children namely Lana, Susie, and Billy.

A year after, he married American country singer Shirley Collie, but they divorced in 1971 after she discovered that he had a kid with Connie Koepke, who then became his third wife until 1988. They had two kids named Paula Carlene and Amy Lee.

7. She encouraged Nelson to cut back on the bacon.

Nelson had a profound love with bacon but he isn’t getting any younger. Annie helped him cut back on this addiction as well as do exercises. The two spend their time together swimming and biking around their home in Maui, Hawaii. 

8. She also reduced his payroll. 

Needless to say, there were a lot of people sponging off him, although according to his friend Johnny Bush, he never looked at it that way. Annie D’Angelo cut off those moochers and helped him sort out his financial issues.

9. She launched her own line of marijuana-infused edibles in 2017. 

The couple are known to be advocates of the legalization of marijuana. Annie’s Edibles is a branch of her husband’s cannabis company Willie’s Reserve. According to D’Angelo, she wanted people who want to enjoy gourmet cannabis to indulge it in a controllable and delicious way like chocolate. 

10. She and Nelson own a ranch in Texas.

The two own a ranch called Luck, Texas in Spicewood, Burnet County, Texas, where they also spent the last year social distancing along with his family. Willie Nelson’s spouse and the country music artist himself are doing safe and all right. 


Annie D'Angelo, Willie Nelson

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