September 21

Willie Nelson’s New Album Breathes Many ‘Hank Williams Sr.’ Sound

We honestly cannot say that Willie Nelson is a problem child of God most especially nowadays that he is gearing for a new album. We cannot be more excited since this project would also involve the touch of the other branches of Nelson family tree namely Lukas and Micah who also contributed on vocals and backing instrumentation for the record.

Willie Nelson and the Boys, Tours and Track Listing

One of the things that make this even more exciting is the fact that Willie Nelson is channeling to the sound of Hank Williams Sr, another country legend who departed with timeless hits. His new album entitled ‘Willie Nelson and the Boys’ would be out after a month on October 20th, 2017. This album collection is reportedly part of Willie Nelson’s ongoing archival recording series, Willie’s Stash.

It’s also a follow-up on his 2014 record, December Day which had a touch of another of Nelson clan, Bobbie his sister.

While Willie Nelson had have encountered and set the Internet ablaze because of reports about his health condition and canceled appearances, Nelson still debunks every news of fatal health condition as he appears on the important events these past few weeks following his Farm Aid 2017 annual fundraising concert honoring and helping the farmers around the world

Below is the highly anticipated track-listing of Willie Nelson’s New Album:

Willie Nelson and the Boys Track Listing:

1. “Move It On Over” (Hank Williams)
2. “Mind Your Own Business” (Hank Williams)
3. “Healing Hands of Time” (Willie Nelson)
4. “Can I Sleep In Your Arms” (Hank Cochran)
5. “Send Me the Pillow You Dream On” (Hank Locklin)
6. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” (Hank Williams Sr.)
7. “I’m Movin’ On” (Hank Snow)
8. “Your Cheatin’ Heart” (Hank Williams)
9. “My Tears Fall” (Alyssa Miller)
10. “Cold, Cold Heart” (Hank Williams)
11. “Mansion on the Hill” (Hank Williams and Fred Rose)
12. “Why Don’t You Love Me” (Hank Williams)


Hank Williams Sr., new album, Willie Nelson

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