February 15

Listen to Willie Nelson and Lee Ann Womack’s Incredible Duet

One thing that makes a breakup difficult or to get over someone are the memories you shared with the other person. They don’t easily fade away, especially when you have spent quite a long time together. In this case, what do you do then?

Willie Nelson and Lee Ann Womack’s Collaboration

In 2002, Willie Nelson collaborated with country singer Lee Ann Womack to record a sad love song known as “Mendocino County Line.” Nelson’s song was released as a single from his fiftieth studio album The Great Divide. Nelson and Womack’s version reached number twenty-two on the Billboard country chart. In addition, they won the Grammy Awards for Best Country Collaboration.

Mendocino County Line Lee Ann Womack Willie Nelson
Photo Credit: (L-R) Willie Nelson, Lee Ann Womack/ radiotexaslive.com

The Song’s Content

Matt Serletic and Bernie Taupin wrote this poignant love song. It tells the story of a love that used to exist, one that is surrounded by happiness, and the feeling that it’ll never end. However, as you reach the chorus, the narrator suddenly tells us that he holds on to the memory of his past lover.

I have these pictures and I keep these photographs
To remind me of a time
These pictures and these photographs
Let me know I’m doin’ fine
I used to make you happy once upon a time
But the sun sank west of the Mendocino County line

His only refuge is the pictures he has in his hands. He looks at them to remember the love he once has. Their photographs together are the only thing left, together with the memories they shared.

The Great Divide Album

The Great Divide contains recordings of Nelson with other artists. Aside from working with Lee Ann Womack, Nelson also collaborated with Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Brian McKnight, and Bonnie Raitt. His album secured a spot on the top 10 of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, his album entered the Billboard 200.


Lee Ann Womack, Willie Nelson

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