April 23

Willie Nelson’s Legacy Echoed by Son Lukas in “Funny”

Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas Nelson, is not like most musicians. Certainly, he has done a notable job of building his own identity as an artist with his band, Promise of the Real. At the same time, he is still accomplished by reminding fans of his lineage. So, when he has the chance to sing one of Willie’s songs, he is the unusual artist able of channeling his dad’s uncanny voice, both flexible and resounding at the same time. Earlier this month, Lukas appeared in-studio on Nashville’s famous WSM Country Radio. He delivered a charming rendition of one of his dad’s famous songs: a simple cover of “Funny (How Time Slips Away)”.

Although Lukas Nelson is his own man as an artist, we can say that he proudly holds the legacy and music of his dad and occasional bandmate, Willie Nelson. Son Lukas surely shared his unique take on the song.

Willie Nelson’s Legacy Echoed by Son Lukas in “Funny” 1

“Funny (How Time Slips Away)” Remained Classically Performed by Lukas

Willie recorded Funny (How Time Slips Away)” in the same room back in 1961. The song had a bit of a rebirth with the late, Glen Campbell, recording a duet with Willie for farewell album Adios. Their collaboration won the 2017 CMA Award for Vocal Event of the Year. Exactly what happens when two great fathers of the modern country put up a lovely song in its rightful limelight together.

Lukas Nelson recalls before singing his cover,

“This was a song that was recorded by my dad, I guess in this room, so I think I should do it in here.”

While his nasally croons bear some resemblances to his famous dad, Lukas infuses the song with his own touches. In addition, accompanying it with his powerful vocal vibrato, and an easy guitar jam. Clearly, musical talent runs in the Nelson family. It also a proof that the Lukases has improved after years of global touring with Promise of the Real band.

Written by Willie Nelson, the song was first recorded by Billy Walker in 1961. It went on to enjoy famous releases from Elvis Presley, Perry Como, Willie Nelson himself. This particular composition serves as both a farewell for Campbell and yet another reminder that Lukas Nelson is here to stay.


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